Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions

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Our partner was founded when a collection of talented individuals decided to team up and destroy traditional market perceptions. They are a young, agile company capable of astonishing achievements inside extra-ordinary timelines. Their dedication, ingenuity and “anything is possible” mind-set makes them the company that large corporations worry about. They refuse to acknowledge limitations, and refuse to accede to what the market feels is impossible. Impossible is only an opinion. They have the rare skill of being able to change sci-fi level software systems into solutions generating profit for you. Almost anything in the world of technology can be automated, or work better when integrated with other systems. They are obsessed with making your systems work for its money.

No machine can equal the human mind, but they have been finding ways of keeping their systems from knowing this for quite some time now. Their development team uses the RAD development methodology and can therefore produce results in extra-ordinary timelines. One of their biggest successes is their ability to use Mobile Platforms to capture data directly into their system and allow users to have access to Dashboards and Operational Apps without having to switch on a computer. They have proven that their skilled and talented resources can be utilised in multiple disciplines and industries.


Escrow agreement

They are willing to include a third party Escrow agreement with clients to ensure the security of their source code and the clients investment into our products should any unforeseen circumstances cause our service to become unavailable to clients.