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Ransomware is everywhere, your systems are infected, and your data becomes encrypted and unavailable to you or your customers. This is one of the biggest risks for business in the internet age. Hackers are acting in more malicious ways than we could think was possible. They threaten to delete your data or even make it available publically. In addition the anonymous payment method provided by bitcoins make this untraceable for law enforcement agencies. This would hurt most businesses.

The common advice out there is to make backup of your data so that you can restore it when your business is hit with ransomware. While this is great advice, let’s look at two scenarios that you may not have considered.

Scenario 1

If you ask your IT department to make a backup if they have backups, they usually say yes, you say how long it will take you to recover, they will say about a week, if you are a critical service like a hospital or Medical Centre this is not on, it’s cheaper to pay the $50K Ransom.

Can you afford to have your business down for a week while the IT team is restoring the data?

Scenario 2

How do you know that they have not also made a backup of the actual Ransomware itself along with your data?

Treyfin provides you with solutions for both these scenarios.

  1. We provide a Ransomware guarantee. That’s right, we can roll back the effects of ransomware.
  2. We provide data recovery as a service (DRaaS), we are able to restore your data in under 30 minutes, if we are unable to roll back the Ransomware.

Don’t be a victim, let Treyfin keep your business in business.

Our managed service offering include the following solutions:

  1. SentinelOne next generation endpoint protection with the Ransomware guarantee and roll back to restore your data.
  2. Cloud Storage and Backup Service with Automated secure backup of endpoint data & enable central recovery of data.

Our solution components and capability:

  • From our security monitoring centre in Midrand we are able to monitor and respond proactively to threats on your workstations and/or servers.
  • We can distribute and deploy the software agents remotely from our eCommerce site.
  • Our bulk SMS tool will send you an OTP to your mobile number to ensure only valid users can install the agent.
  • We have integrated the various API’s into our CRM system for custom reporting and functionality.
  • 1. What is SentinelOne’s Ransomware Cyber Guarantee?

  • The SentinelOne Ransomware Cyber Guarantee is an opt-in program that provides SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (CPP) with financial support against demanded ransoms. In the event an organization is infected with ransomware and EPP is unable to successfully block or remediate its effects.

  • 2. Why is SentinelOne offering this Ransomware Cyber Guarantee?

  • The reason is twofold: 1) the number of ransomware attacks are exponentially growing, and despite bold claims by AV vendors, these attacks are achieving their objectives unabated, and 2) SentinelOne is very confident in our approach to prevent these attacks and is willing to give customers the assurance they deserve. By launching this Ransomware Cyber Guarantee, SentinelOne is standing behind their product’s ability to prevent and remediate these latest threats.

  • 3. How does SentinelOne solution protect from ransomware?

  • SentinelOne employs a unique Dynamic Behavior Tracking (DBT) engine that continuously monitors for malicious behaviors associated with ransomware as well as other forms of malware, exploit, and script-based attacks. By monitoring behaviors in real-time, SentinelOne EPP is able to quickly associate behaviors based on a full context view of all system-level activities from the kernel and user space up. Once an attack is detected, SentinelOne EPP triggers a series of automated mitigation actions to prevent the ransomware from achieving its objectives.

  • 4. Who else is providing this guarantee?

  • The Ransomware Cyber Guarantee program is an Industry first and no other endpoint security company is currently offering to back their technology and claims with guaranteed financial remuneration.

  • 5. What does the guarantee cover?

    The Ransomware Cyber Guarantee will cover the ransom paid as a result of the attack on a customer’s infrastructure. Coverage extends up to $1M USD per company, or up to $1,000 USD per endpoint or server impacted, and does not include any other damages such as stolen IP or impact to brand/reputation.

  • 6. How is the guarantee sold?

    The Ransomware Cyber Guarantee is sold as an additional fee on top of the EPP license. The cost is less than 8% of the license cost and is a pure pass-through cost to the insurance provider.

  • 7. Is the guarantee for endpoints and servers?

    Yes, Ransomware Cyber Guarantee is valid for Windows-based user endpoints and servers running SentinelOne EPP. It does not cover Linux or Mac OS X endpoints and servers at this time.

  • 8. In which locations are customers eligible to participate in the SentinelOne Cyber Guarantee?

    The Ransomware Cyber Guarantee is available to customers globally.

  • 9. Is there a minimum number of Cyber Guarantee licenses that need to be purchased?

    There is no minimum or maximum – the number of Ransomware Cyber Guarantee licenses just must match the number of Windows endpoint and server licenses purchased for SentinelOne EPP.

  • 10. When does the Ransomware Cyber Guarantee go into effect?

    The Ransomware Cyber Guarantee is currently available for purchase.