Smart City Surveillance – Installation

Our partner has its in-house civils crews that install poles, underground cables and do road crossings. More than 180 km of fibre optic cable and 510 camera and fibre poles was installed in the two months leading up to the world cup.


Maintenance is carried out on the client’s sites with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Their specialist Camera pole is patented and earned our partner the converted Top Technology 100 nomination. Personnel are conscious of their 100% safety record spanning 7 years since the inception of our partner.

Our partner prides itself in the standard at which designs are done and the methodology that is followed. Every portion of the design is measured against engineering practice this ensures that nothing is taken for granted and installations flow with ease. They advise clients and install functional systems. Problems downstream are symptoms of neglect upstream (Prf AD Sparuis).

Our partner was borne out of a need to service a growing segment of the market that requires technology support. It is a third party company that specialises in support management functions to the security technology industry. They offer a multilevel support functions to the security technology provider and user. Our partner’s Services are fourfold:

  • Installations, Highly skilled technicians install systems throughout Africa. Large installations such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, Libraville, City Surveillance systems with more than 980 cameras.
  • Medical warehousing throughout Africa for USAID.
  • Component level repairs to associated Security technology.
  • Manufacturing of Surge Technology for Electrical and Video Equipment (STEVE, Patented) Back Plates.