CCTV and Smart City Surveillance

Our partner is committed to providing quality and innovative security solutions using the latest technology available in the market today.

As leading distributors of high end IP CCTV, IP access control, fire detection and public address they are ideally placed to collaborate with installation professionals that demand the best products for their security projects.


Pride in their products and service is what drives our partner. With access to the worlds most trusted brands in security, coupled with dedicated and motivated staff, they are able to offer the most comprehensive range of premier solutions in the industry.

Our partner provides powerful tailor made integration platform solutions that work seamlessly with various security sub systems, that in turn provide end users with greater ease of operation and faster access to the information they need in critical situations.

Their sales and technical staff are continuously trained in the latest technology locally and internationally their technical staff has the following qualification:

  • COMCC-02 Computing Concepts
  • OS11C-01 DOS and Windows
  • ENDPC-00 End User Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • APLSC-02 A+
  • NPLSC-02 Network+
  • IPLSC-02 I-Net+
  • NTADC-02 Administering Windows NT 4.0
  • W2KPC-02 Windows 2000 Professional
  • W2KSC-02 Windows 2000 Server
  • OS21C-01 Linux
  • ADLXC-03 Administering Linux
  • NVLLC-01 Novell
  • CAREC-00 Customer Care

We are a value-added distributor of Bosch and Avigilon Video Surveillance, Video Analytic and Access Control equipment in the Southern African market. With market-leading development, pre-sales and technical support teams to provide an effective and efficient national service to the trade. Centralised Administration and a Distribution Centre in Mount Edgecombe, KwaZulu-Natal ensure cost-effective overnight delivery across the country.

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